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C + L Wedding Videography & Photography

Engagement Photos

C + L walking along the bank of a pond together looking out over the water.
C + L embracing each other showing the back of the groom with the bride's hands around his neck exposing her ring.
C + L smiling looking at each other with a tree between them with their initials carved into it.

Bridal Photos

The bride standing in the middle of a vineyard with grape vines on either side with the bride in the middle smiling.
A close-up of the bride smiling in a vineyard with vines in the foreground and background drawing attention to the bride.
The bride smiling at the camera with her hand on a tree showing the initials of the couple.

Wedding Photos

C + L holding hands during their wedding ceremony as the officiant reads out their vows.
Flower girls walking down the aisle during C + L wedding ceremony.
The bride smiling at her new husband during their first dance.
a close-up view of C + L holding hands while the officiant reads their vows.
the groom smiles as the bride walks down the aisle of the wedding ceremony.

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