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Verified Ventilation

An animated view of the Verified Ventilations Business Card. This animated image shows the business card being flipped to the front or back of the card.

Built for success from the very start

As a new company, it's super important to hit the ground running with you're branding on point! Verified Ventilation understands this and came to us to create something unique. 

What Did We Come Up With?

Verified Ventilation is a new HVAC company so when they came to us they essentially had a name and that's it. 

We created:

  • Logos for print & digital. Including dark & light backgrounds, and different screen sizes.
  • Branding Guidelines regarding the style & tone of the company.
  • Business Cards for each member of the company.

The Business Cards

Word-of-mouth marketing can seem outdated but for a lot of industries, it is still a good method of advertising. Business cards are the king of word of mouth. 

The front view of Verified Ventilations business card features an ice-blue background with the company logo on top.
An image of four Verified Ventilation business cards stacked on top of each other showing the backside of the card. Details have been blurred for employee privacy.
Backside view of Verified Ventilations business card on a red background with the employee's name, number, and email address. Company Information was removed for privacy.
An animated image showing the front side of Verified Ventilations business cards being twisted to show the glossy coating of the cards.
An image of three Verified Ventilation business cards stacked on top of each other.
an animated image showing the Verified Ventilation business card transitioning from the front side of the card to the back side of the card. Details have been blurred for employee privacy.
An image of Verified Ventilations business cards box full of cards with one card on top showing the front of the business card.

The Brand Strategy

A view of the branding guidelines for Verified Ventilation including the logos on a black and white background, the typography of the company, the global color palette, and the voice and tone of the company.

Most of the time when we get approached for a logo we come up with a basic brand strategy or a branding guideline. The branding guideline gives structure to the look and feel of the company and is designed to keep a cohesive style anywhere the brand appears.

We won't bore you with the details of why we choose specific fonts, colors, etc. But there is a purpose behind it all. Typography is a specific type of design that conveys a lot subconsciously.

Verified Ventilation is Bold, Informative, and trustworthy. We think the selection of fonts and colors conveys that perfectly!

The Logo

You get it, Verified - Check Marks. Blue & Red - Hot & Cold. It's simple, bold, and professional. This logo is clearly readable as a letterhead, email footer, Profile Picture, etc. It can be as small or large as it needs to be without falling apart or losing detail.

Verified Ventilation's logo with blue, red, and white letters.

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