C & L Engagement, Bridal, Wedding

by | Aug 7, 2021 | Portfolio

This is some of our earlier work, I am good friends with the clients and I got to do every single bit of their wedding. I did the engagement photos, bridal photos, and wedding photography & videography. This was a very good learning experience for me and you can see the evolution of skills by comparing the photos in the before and after, and gallery below. I learned the most from the wedding, I was shooting solo, doing both the videography and photography for the whole event. This was a summer wedding and it was VERY hot.

During the ceremony, moments before the kiss, my camera started overheating! Luckily I had just enough time to get what I needed. Had I not gotten that shot it would be detrimental, but not completely ruined. I think about the process a lot before the time to execute comes, so I had fail-safes in place to make sure if we missed this shot we had a backup shot that would work. It’s detrimental in the sense that I would know I missed the mark and was not in full control of the situation. No one else would ever know, but I would know. 

Doing photography & Videography at the same time and capturing all the details and nuances of both crafts was very difficult. My saving grace was someone attending the wedding that helped me coordinate and pose people. I was very ambitious and somewhat over my head at the time of this wedding, but the final product was amazing and everyone was very happy!

Nowadays I am much more confident in my ability to do videography and photography simultaneously with no help, the experience of this wedding is everlasting as long as I am mindful and always look to get better.

Please enjoy this Cinematic Highlight Real below!