Get to Know Us

by | Aug 6, 2021 | Blog

Who We Are.

Cole Parker Creative is a Production / Media company located in North Carolina. Our goal is to express creativity and art in every way we can, empower people to grow ideas, and educate and learn every day. We create, teach, and explore design to always get better, and refine our skills. We love thinking of solutions to hard problems, Working till something is perfect, and fixing things that seem un-fixable. We do this every day. Our background comes from creating video content for fun, gradually developing and nurturing our craft. Fast forward many years later and we are happy to say, there isn’t much we cant do. Specializing in all kinds of creative services, we are a one-stop-shop for all media needs. We break our services into three main categories: creation, editing, and management.

Creativity, Art, & the Line Graph.

A picture is worth 1,000 words. Art speaks volumes. Art shifts culture, grows ideas, influences thoughts, and sways emotion. Creativity and art are everywhere! We pride ourselves on always pushing to try new things and never getting stuck in a box. That’s what creativity is about to us, getting pushed out of your comfort zone and into the unknown. Art is making the unknown, known. Making sense of complex ideas and abstract emotions that are not tangible in nature.

Is a line graph art? We think so, it’s a perfect system for making sense of jumbled, possibly confusing information. Taking a small insignificant tool such as a graph for granted shows that we sometimes neglect the importance of creativity and art. Now,  a line graph is not the best example of art or creativity, but when it came out it was probably at the top of creativity. That leads to my next point, never get stuck in a box! We constantly push to be more creative and explore more unknowns, after all, that’s how we make art! The minute that we stop, and get comfortable, and take our creativity and art for granted, is the moment we fail.

Empower & Educate.

We want to empower and spread messages for people just like you. As a bi-product of doing what we love we also get to help others! From growing someone’s brand that will go on to support families to spreading a message to people who need it, or just capturing emotion forever. We also want to empower you by teaching you what we know, and offering products and free resources that can help you.

What we do.

We solve hard problems, every single day. We actively look for hard things, so when it comes time to execute for a client we are fully prepared. our first jobs were wedding videography, it was incredibly stressful especially the first couple of times. There were no second shooters to help manage tasks, I had never been to a wedding before, and it’s all one take. These early weddings were free of course considering the lack of experience. After a couple of weddings under the belt, we developed a nice understanding and framework of the process and began refining our craft. Most of the work we do is much more relaxed and comfortable compared to weddings so we are confident in our ability to provide all kinds of services.

Content Creation:

Content creation includes photography, videography, and graphic design. Of course, we are always open to trying new things, if you need something that isn’t covered by this you can contact us so that we can help. For the most part, any media creation fits within these categories. This is our biggest category of services and the majority of the work we do.

Content Editing:

We edit a wide range of content: photo/video, documents, logos, pamphlets, etc. The list goes on and on, we have edited articles for websites, changed colors of logos, edited countless designs like pamphlets and posters. everything we do is dependent on editing, therefore we have to be exceptional editors and masters of all content types.

Content Management:

Recently Cole Parker Creative has started branching out into managing content for people. As our own content that we publish grows we get better and better at managing content from tons of locations. We are getting so good at it that we are willing to do it for you!

Don’t Leave Us Hanging.

We want to thank you for reading this far, if you are reading this you must be somewhat intrigued. Don’t be shy! Keep in touch with us, we are always looking to interact and talk shop! We welcome all creative individuals from all around the world.