D & L Engagement

by | Aug 4, 2021 | Portfolio

Congratulations to this newly engaged couple! Above are some of my favorites from the day. These photos were taken in Downtown Mount Airy, NC, and Pilot Mountain State Park, NC. The silhouette photos were taken at about 8:15 pm EST, just about 30-40 minutes before sunset. It was the perfect amount of time to grab some normal portraits as well.

Behind the Scenes

This whole shoot was done with a Nikon d3300, 18-55mm lens, and that’s it! Fairly inexpensive gear for a quality product. I always shoot in log format, if that’s not available I make a flat color profile. The Nikon d3300 does not have a log format so the before and after pictures you see are using a flat color profile. This has a number of benefits such as more control over color in the edit, and more dynamic range.

The edit brings it all together, I went with a more warm, green look on the downtown photos, and a warm, purple for the Pilot Mountain photos. For both locations, I desaturated the greens, Pilot Mountains are a bit more yellow / Gold, downtowns are a more deep green. See the gallery at the bottom of this post for examples. When I planned this shoot I had the idea of getting silhouettes. You can see from the before and after photos that the unedited photo has all the details of the couple, so I made two edits of images like this, a normal portrait image and then the silhouette. These photos where edited in Lightroom and imported into photoshop to finish the edit. Watch the video below to see the photoshop process.